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Top 5 Songs of 2013

Honorable mention: Is Tropical – Dancing Anymore

5. Drake – Tuscan Leather
This three-part introduction to Drake’s Nothing Was The Same is where producer Noah Shebib shines the most on the album. When the song breaks down into the second part, any doubts that might have existed about Shebib’s talent just vanish. He’s not just Drake’s best friend, he’s one of the freshest beatmakers out there right now. Tuscan Leather is invigorating. Drake also brings his skills to the table on this track, with honest and confident lyrics that make you not want to mess with the one who was dubbed “the softest rapper in the game”.

4. Sunset – Krystal
Franck Rivoire is one of France’s most mysterious DJs. Very little information is available about either him, or his alias Danger. To add up to this enigma, Rivoire started a new project, by the name of Sunset, and released his first single, Krystal, with barely any publicity, except for a very minimalist music video. Krystal is dark and heavy, and the monotonous voice-over telling the story of a bike accident contrasts strongly with the large scale production of the song. Those features, coupled with the intriguing concept behind Sunset make Krystal something that will make you press the replay button several times.

3. Frank Ocean – Eyes Like Sky
Most likely a piece that didn’t make the cut on last year’s Channel Orange, Eyes Like Sky found its way to the Internet in late February, and its quality made Ocean’s fans wonder why it got left out of his Grammy-winning debut album. The song indeed has a very different melody than Ocean’s usual work, flirting closely with folk influences. But it’s the colour-themed narrative that describes the relationship between him and a blind man that leads this song to greatness. And of course, it’s even more powerful when delivered by Ocean’s delightful voice.

2. Arctic Monkeys – Arabella
Arabella was cooked on the classic recipe for success, but hey, it works damn fine, so why not keep on making the most of it! The slow leading bassline breaks down into a Black-Keys-tainted chorus led by heavy rock ‘n roll electric guitars that will make you time travel back to the 90s instantly. AM is full of songs sculpted from the same mold, that are each just as remarkable as the others, but Arabella has that particular vintage feel that make it stand out of this great Arctic Monkeys album.

1. The National – Fireproof
Trouble Will Find Me was one of the most critically-acclaimed album of 2013, and even if Fireproof wasn’t one of the album’s lead singles, it remains one of the strongest songs from The National’s sixth studio release. The bewitching melody itself is enough to send you into a trance, but combined with Matt Berninger’s shiver-inducing heartbreak narrative, it makes Fireproof one of the most memorable tracks of the year.

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