CRHA – Introduction

Opening animation created for the introduction of an award ceremony gathering Quebec’s RH managers.

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Case study

We’re no stranger to last-minute delays at Nova Film, we basically live for them. So, when the CRHA called us one morning, telling us that the designer they hired to create the introduction for their annual award show had gone missing, two weeks before the event, we of course said yes.

The client wanted a catchy, abstract video to open the night at the CRHA congress, and gave us somewhat carte blanche on the project. While this sounds just like any director/motion designer’s dream project and client, under these circumstances, it was not. Had it spanned over a month or so, we would have had plenty of time to think it through, get a little R&D going on as well as digging up a truckload of inspirations. But this was not the case. I had to get down to work, and fast, without any definite guideline.

It had been some time since I wanted to create a vector-based animation, but try to give it a very organic/filmic feel, rather than the perfect/cgi look it always tends to have. So I started designing many elements that would fit nicely together, without however putting the breaks on nice animations that didn’t fit the overall art-direction of the project, in case something really sparked a new idea in me. I became a victim of my own workflow.

Always second guessing every minimal decision is the biggest pain of designing abstract visual. You can end up not liking something that you thought was incredible just two minutes before, and repeat that process many times. This project was no exception. I ended up starting all over again three separate times. Though some elements were reusable from one version to the other, there was a lot of back-tracking in building this animation.

The good thing is it ended up looking a lot like I had envisioned, even if it was not the best way I had worked.