A series of 4 webisodes that I produced and directed for D-Structure ProShop throughout their D-Jam Tour around the province of Quebec.

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Case study

After 5 years of producing annual freeski movies, it was time for me to move on, but I still wanted to stay involved in the domain that initially created my passion for filmmaking. So in the fall of 2008, I came up with a concept for a web-series that would focus on D-Structure’s tour through the various ski resorts of the province of Quebec, called the D-Jam.

To make the show more interactive and involve the viewers, we had the idea to create a contest during each of the tour’s stops, in which the cameramen would shoot all the skiers attending the event, and during the editing, we would choose the best and feature them. The viewers then had to vote for the skier that impressed them the most on Bombe.tv, our partner website. The skier getting the most votes was awarded some goodies from the tour’s sponsors, like Orage and Salomon.

The D-Structure tour was a very laid-back and fun event, and the focus of the show was really to demonstrate that. Because of this, the soundtrack was always very upbeat, the editing fast-paced and the interviews funny and informal.

The four episodes were viewed a total of 45 000 times and gave the D-Jam an unmatched visibility that was almost inexistant in previous years.