December 7th in CMYK

Short film created for the Nikon Festival under the theme ‘A Day Through Your Lens’.

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Case study

Back in 2009, Nikon organized a short-film competition entitled “A Day Through Your Lens”. Going for a setting that matched the then so new concept of Twitter, the only rule was that the video had to be 140 seconds or less.

Finding the contest interesting, and the prize purse of 100 000$ even more interesting, I decided to give it a shot. Making a “day in a life” video can be hard, because there are so much of these nowadays that it feels like everything has been done. So my main focus was to find an idea that would be aesthetically appealing, yet something that doesn’t look like everything else out there.

It was the beginning of December, and it is probably my least favorite time of the year, because of the shortness of daylight, the grey, boring scenery and the small amount of snow that just gets on your nerves because there is not even enough of it to go skiing.

So the idea came up to me; why wouldn’t I put back some life and color in this depressing scenery?

So this is exactly what I did. I shot a model with big cardboards of each of the process colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) in empty environments, using color enhancing to saturate the cardboards and leave the rest of the image very pale and grey.

The video was unfortunately rejected because the contest was only opened to US residents, but the result is very slick and the contrast of the colours with the dull nature is a fun way of reminding myself how much I can miss summer during this pre-winter time.