Face à Face

Short-film (in French) that I co-wrote with Charles-Etienne Pascal and that I DP’ed during my studies in Montreal at Institut Grasset.

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Case study

I moved to Montreal in the summer of 2007 to continue my studies at Institut Grasset, a professional school offering a class in visual effects and compositing. The project throughout the whole 8-month course was to produce a short-film in teams of 2 to 4 students, showcasing our acquired VFX skills.

My partner, Charles-Etienne Pascal, and I, had previously produced two other short films during our collegial courses, and the idea to create visual effects and combine them all together to end up with a short film didn’t appeal to us the slightest.

We decided to write a drama/action script, and after having a solid storyline, we adapted some parts to integrate the required VFX scenes.

We ended up with a scenario involving a contract killer having an emotional meltdown while trying to kill a simple target. The killer starts to explain to the victim why he can’t do his job anymore, and through the use of flashbacks, we created action scenes that featured visual effects.

At the school’s annual award ceremony, we won the award for Best Movie and were given a score of 96% in our final report card.