Génération V

Animated introduction that I directed for a pilot project called Génération V, produced at Nova Film.

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Case study

In March of 2010, at Nova Film, we started a project with Montreal’s V Télé called Génération V. We created a pilot for a TV series that was meant to be a weekly alternative cultural magazine, hosted by two influential personalities, Guyaume Arsenault and Marième Ndiaye.

V Télé had just had their branding redesigned by Hollywood-based studio Troika, and since the show was to be branded as a network specific series, we decided to create all the broadcast design keeping in mind Troika’s work.

I was the art director for the complete design of the show, and for the introduction, we decided to go for a sober look combined with a very energetic rhythm. Along with photographer André Lyra, we did a stop-motion shoot with the two hosts, both of them wearing clothing that matched the color palette from V Télé. After that, we brainstormed about all the themes that would be featured throughout the show, and I integrated all those into this 30-second introduction.

Unfortunately, because of schedule constraints, the show never aired, but it was still a refreshing experience to create a totally original TV series from A to Z, which is something we rarely do at Nova.