IF3 Teaser

Promotional video that I produced and directed for the 5th edition of the IF3 in Montreal, with superstar skiers Tanner Hall, Tj Schiller, Sean Pettit, JF Houle and more.



Case study

For the 5th year anniversary of Montreal’s International Freeski Film Festival, event-founder Felix Rioux asked for my help to create a teaser for the 2011 IF3. Like previous years, the concept was to benefit from the fact that a lot of world-renowned freeskiers train at the Quebec water ramps, and have them all together to speak about IF3.

We had limited time for the shoot, so I decided to go for a simple concept, in which I would have a guideline for what every skier had to say, and quickly mix things up between their sentences in the editing process to make it all make sense.

Having 6 different skiers who all have various personalities, it was fun to switch between Henrik Harlaut’s very mellow dialogue into Tanner Hall’s explosive talk, or between JF Houle’s ecstatic energy to TJ Schiller’s anchorman-style performance.

To complement it all, we were given a lot of footage from the participating ski-film companies to edit at the end of the teaser, where I added some simple type animation to inform viewers of the Festival’s features.

The introduction animation was created by Robert Quinn.