UL – Savana

Web advertisement I directed and DP’ed for University Laval’s management faculty, promoting their 2011 fashion show, entitled Savana.



Case study

The management faculty of University Laval asked me to produce a teaser for their 2011 fashion show, Savana. The show’s theme was obviously tribal fashion, so we had to find a way to illustrate this, knowing that shooting outside wasn’t an option during the mid-march winter conditions.

Fortunately, we had access to Izba Spa, a spa and massage facility beautifully decorated with massive stone walls and marble. The environnement was visually perfect, but not very spacious, which made the task to light each scene properly very difficult.

Once this was taken care of, the objective was to shoot as many models as possible, in a very short time span, in very mysterious, smokey environnements to create the dynamic effect that was planned for the editing process. Having a tribal theme, the music really had to match the feel of the show, and I felt like a percussions-focused soundtrack would be highly appropriate. The rhythm of the video had to be very fast, which is why I needed that much footage.

Once everything was put together the final touches had to be applied in the color correction process, which was a lot of fun because of the highly contrasted lighting and dark backgrounds.

The target audience’s response was highly positive, and the attendance at the fashion show was incredible.