Swix.tv Opening

Opening animation I created for Swix.tv, that aired during the winter of 2011.



Case study

One of my long-time friends, Charles Spina, started working for Swix Sports Canada as a marketing consultant for the company’s freestyle division. One of the project they built together was to have a web-series documenting the Swix athletes’ travels and performances throughout the winter. The project Swix.tv was born, and Charles hired me to create an opening introduction for the series.

Having a very long history in freeskiing myself, I knew exactly what the other series looked like, and my idea was to create something entirely different that would set Swix.tv apart.

Most other ski web-series have a very colourful and energetic vibe, so I decided to go in a complete opposite direction. After scribbling down some ideas, it really came to me that the main focus of the intro could be a vintage, old tv set with a The Ring-style noise to create a very trash, grunge look.

I setup a couple of spotlights in the middle of an empty street at night and started shooting the TV from various angles. I then tracked the final shot and composited the 3D Swix.tv logo in it. After that, it was a very tedious job of color grading the whole thing to achieve the look I was going for.

The end result is a totally unpredictable introduction for a ski-oriented show, but it definitely differentiated Swix.tv from the hundreds of other web-series on the market.

Behind the Scenes video.