The Natural Path Teaser

First-person-style teaser that I DP’ed for Plenty Humanwear’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection.



Case study

Plenty Humanwear is a clothing line from Quebec, that has a history of creating its collections based on social issues. For their Spring/Summer 2011 collection, entitled The Natural Path, Plenty wanted a teaser video that would demonstrate their consciousness towards environmental problems.

Greg Desjardins, the company’s founder, came up to me with a concept that was somewhat abstract, that would be presented as a first-person point of view short-film, mixing dull, urban landscapes with vivid nature imagery.

The guideline was very interesting, so we went straight up with this, and during the course of four days, we shot the storyline that we had previously storyboarded in downtown Quebec City as well as in a nearby national park.

The editing was tedious, making sure that our transitions between urban and nature were smooth enough to ensure the viewer’s comprehension of a concept that was already not so easy to understand. We used the camera’s similar movements between different shots to go from one scene to another, and it worked like magic.

Add to that a mysterious soundtrack and you have the perfect video to spike people’s curiosity towards a brand that is on the come-up, but doesn’t yet have the notoriety to go for traditional advertising and expect to generate an Internet buzz.