Xcess Fashion Show

Advertisement I directed for Université Laval’s annual fashion show, entitled Xcess.

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Case study

For the second year in a row, Université Laval’s management faculty asked me to create a web advertisement for their annual fashion show, which was called Xcess for this 2012 edition.

Being happy with the results from last year’s ad, I definitely wanted to revisit this project and try something different. The “Xcess” theme sparked a lot of ideas in me. Trying to stay simple, I figured out many visual representations of excessive behaviour, while not being out of line, since this video is promoting an event created by university students. I came up with some abstract visual for excessive drinking, without actually seeing anyone drink, excessive love, excessive lust, excessive materialism, and more

Now once again, the challenge was to deal with the very tight schedule and even tighter budget. We ended up shooting it at a huge gay bar in Quebec City, which has a very cabaret style to it, while also having some grungier rooms, as well as a huge dance floor/club-like section. It was truly the perfect setting for what we wanted, since we could come up with 7 or 8 different sets while never leaving the building.

As much of a challenge as the editing was last year because of the very fast rhythm and limited footage, this year, it was no problem, because we were able to gather an incredible amount of quality footage. The challenge was actually to select the takes that were not going to make the final cut, which is always painful for a director. Once the best footage was selected, the editing was very easy to come up with, especially because the footage spoke for itself, and was very inspiring.

The video was seen over 4000 times on the week of its launch, and the event was an even greater success than last year’s edition.